Company Growth History

Founded in 1988.

National high-tech enterprise

In 2008, Fengli was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

Provincial "specialized and special new"

In 2018,Fengli was selected as a provincial "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprise.

Provincial enterprise technology center

In 2020,Fengli was named provincial enterprise technology Center.

National "specialized and special new"

In 2021,Fengli will be rated as a national "specialized and special new" small and medium-sized enterprise.

Fengli was founded in 2000,focus on casting and precision machining.

Casting department: Casting department has the DISA molding line, resin-sand molding line, iron based coated-sand molding line, aluminum gravity casting machine, shot blast machine, annealing furnace, intermediate frequency furnace, spectrometer, fast analyzer, carbon silicon instrument before furnace equipment, hardness tester, universal testing machine, metallographic analysis and other various types of production equipment and testing equipment, we are specializing in production of gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, wear-resistant alloy steel casting, has yearly produces 10000 tons of production capacity.

Precision machining department: We have advanced CNC machine and inspection equipment: Japan Mazak lathe, Korea Doosan high-speed CNC, Taiwan YOU JI vertical lathe&CNC, SHENGYANG CNC-lathe, CMM, Contourgraph, Roughmeter, etc. we are specialized in machining high precision parts like elevator components, auto parts, etc.

Our Ability

Foundry and precision machining integrated service provider

Resin Sand Casting

Suitable for production of medium and large ductile iron castings,specializing in the production of elevator tractor castings.

Clay Sand Casting

Suitable for the production of medium and small gray iron castings,specializing in the production of wheel castings.

Iron Mold Covered With Precoated Sand Casting

Specializing in the production of high grade ductile iron castings,hardness uniformity to achieve HBW10 degrees.

Precision Machining

Hundreds of coarse finishing machine tools,specializing in the production of high precision requirements casting.