Resin Sand Casting


Suitable for production of medium and large ductile iron castings,specializing in the production of elevator tractor castings.

Clay Sand Casting


Suitable for the production of medium and small gray iron castings,specializing in the production of wheel castings.

Iron Mold Covered With Precoated Sand Casting

Specializing in the production of high grade ductile iron castings,hardness uniformity to achieve HBW10 degrees.

Precision Machining


Hundreds of coarse finishing machine tools,specializing in the production of high precision requirements casting.

We Can Help You

We can provide integrated services from casting to precision machining and assembly.

We have a strong technical team, rapid new product development ability has always been our magic weapon to win customers.

We have a variety of casting processes, strong precision machining capacity, can provide a variety of solutions for customers with a variety of needs.

Skills And Development

3D Design

Use 3d software for structural design of castings.

CAD Design

Use CAD software for drawing design of castings and molds.

CAE Analysis

The cooling process of casting was simulated and analyzed by CAE software to improve the shrinkage defects of casting.


Use CAM software for machining programming.